Life Is Busy! Let Us Work For Your Carpets. You Have Better Things To Do


Oklahoma City Carpet Cleaning is the best place of local carpet cleaners dedicated to expanding access to quality Carpet Cleaning for the families and commercial buildings. We strive to provide preventative care and a full range of carpet restoration services for improving the lives of your lovely carpets. We have been founded to offer a wide range of carpet and other types of cleaning services to meet your requirements. Putting your carpets on a regular cleaning schedule will free up your time and give you tidy place; you’ve always wanted to have.

Our experienced and well-trained professionals are known for offering consistent and up-class carpet care services with guaranteed customer satisfaction. We are also very popular in OKC because of responsive carpet cleaning consultation and service available 24/7. At Oklahoma City Carpet Cleaning, we know that every carpet cleaning situation is different and can be more challenging, that’s why we commence our work with a complete inspection of your carpet, noting high-traffic areas and issues with your carpets. Later, our specialists use our highly-effective cleaning method to remove ground-in dirt, mold and debris that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services INCLUDE:

  • Professional cleaning of carpeted rooms plus 1 hallway
  • Pre-Spray to lift and remove all the dirt, debris, and stains
  • Carpet Deodorizer – to remove odors
  • Each room is assumed to be approx 200 square feet
  • A flight of stairs can be substituted for 1 room
  • Moving furniture is not included
  • Residue Free Rinse – safe for children and pets

Professional Carpet Cleaning Turn Around Time

The more rooms and carpets you have for cleaning, the longer the job will be. But, everything will be done in a lesser time than 3-4 hours or so. Once we are down with the job, it will take few more hours to dry completely. Timings can be varied due to different cleaning method, airflow and weather conditions. Ultimately, in few or more hours your carpets will be cleaned down to the backing and will also eliminate the risk of deep down bacteria, pollens, and chemicals.

Furniture Removal Before Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning OKC technicians suggest moving most of the furniture out before they arrive for work. It is good to be done as a larger part of a carpet will be exposed and accordingly more surface area the professionals can clean. Don’t bother to move all the furniture, just the major one which has occupied more surface area and restrict the professionals to work properly.

What If You Have A Very Large Room?

We assume the measurement of each room is approximately 200 sq feet, but if you have quite bigger room than 200 square feet, the additional fees will be levied before cleaning begins.

“Let us provide you with the gift of clean carpets so you can focus on your health and wellness while we focus on giving you a clean home.”